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Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Look Back

As much as I lament that nothing goes on in my life, this has been an incredible year for me. I really feel like I'm growing up and becoming a "real adult" and finding my place in the real world. This was my first full year as a salaried employee and I expanded my skills exponentially. I started this year with my love, my favorite place to be!

We went through Winter Storm 2011...

Which was quickly followed by a complete apartment meltdown, filled with repair after repair, and leaving us without any water in our apartment for almost 10 days. BUT in the middle of that, we escaped to Albuquerque to see Wicked!

In March, we saw Boyfriend's newest favorite band, The Black Keys in Phoenix!

Along with openers Cage the Elephant:

We went back to Phoenix twice more before July, once to see comedian Kevin Hart and once with our families for a little summer getaway!

Boyfriend gave me diamond earrings for our anniversary...

In July, we went to Vegas for our 2 year anniversary!

We stayed at Caesar's Palace...


Saw LOVE by Cirque d Solei!


And ate!

One of my good friends Adriana got married, which meant we threw her a bachelorette party!

I turned 24!

And Boyfriend and I celebrated our third Christmas together!

It was such a great year, filled with so many memories. I have a feeling things will only get better!

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