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Thursday, December 22, 2011


My sister came back into town yesterday (she goes to Law School at UNM [also, I think Law School is scary and important enough to be capitalized]). My cousin Steph comes into town tomorrow. And this weekend, we will be spending lots and lots of time with our family.


I'm excited to have a weekend to have my family around. Boyfriend and I spend a lot of time with our families, of course, but the holidays seems even better. We'll be trying out best to split time between our families, which is always hard because somebody gets upset, but I think we'll figure out a way to be fair. The most important thing is that Boyfriend and I get to spend the holiday together, even if our quality time is spent shuttling back and forth between houses!

Las Cruces is supposed to get hit hard by some more snow tonight, but lucky I already took tomorrow off to bake with my mama and sister and then to exchange gifts with my favorite friends: Val, Thomas, and Boyfriend! We're all good friends and it's fun to all get together and exchange our gifts.

When you read this, I'll be at work, watching the clock until 4:45 when I can burst forth from the doors in excitement, but I hope that most of you are already off for the holidays! Have a great day!

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