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Sunday, December 4, 2011


It's officially December, which means it's time to kick my Christmas shopping into high gear! I'm blessed because I have so many great people in my life... however, that also means that I find myself pressed to find the right gifts for each of these people.

I always think about my friend Danielle when it comes to gift giving. She always gives personal gifts... even if it's something that could seem generic, it never is, because it's always something that the receiver truly wants. I always remember what gifts she gives me because they're perfect for me.
Same with my best friend Val. She gives great gifts. I think it's because she remembers things you like or want and then, months later, pops up with a great gift right in that genre. Last year for my birthday, she gave me Marc Jacobs Lola perfume after hearing me talk about it earlier that summer (like, five months before!).

I really want to go to the local Farmer's Market, too, just to see if there is anything that strikes my fancy. Danielle's birthday is this weekend and I already got her a gift... but if I see something that is perfect for her, Christmas is right around the corner, too.

I love everything about Christmas shopping. I love going out in this season, with the music and the decorations. I love how everyone is super nice and lets your car into the line in the parking lot. But I'm a little worried I'm going to forget someone or not get a gift for someone in my life and then they end up getting me one...

Has that ever happened? In high school, I used to keep "emergency gifts" on hand during the season. It would be something little and really cute (as in, something I would want to keep for myself in case I never had to use it...), like earrings or a necklace. Then, if someone came up to me at school and said, "Oh, I have a gift for you!", I'd go, "Oh, me too!" and then hand over my emergency gift.

I rarely had to use it because I always shop for my close friends, but it came in handy once or twice. I just hated the thought that someone had gone through the trouble of shopping for me... and then when they handed me the gift and suddenly realized I hadn't bought anything for them, they might have felt sad or uncomfortable or awkward.

It was worth the $10 or $15 I spent on the emergency gift just to keep someone from having those feelings during the season!
Have you ever had an emergency gift situation?

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