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Friday, December 2, 2011

A Christmas Date

Tonight, Boyfriend and I took a night for ourselves. It's been a stressful week with his chest pains (not his heart, thank goodness!) and then trying to catch up with school and work. But he's off work until he can lift over 20 lbs (he works at a package shipping company wherein his entire job is to move heavy boxes), so after a major cleaning binge and a visit with my favorite professor Dr. Mac, we decided to have our date night.

And we also decided to exchange our Christmas gifts :o)

Boyfriend and I have never, ever made it to the actual holiday once we bought gifts for each other. The first year, we spilled the beans about the gifts we bought each other and then couldn't wait to see how we liked them. For our one year anniversary, Boyfriend wanted me to have my necklace early to wear at our vacation in Vegas. For last Christmas, I wanted him to have the jacket to wear through all of December when it was cold out.

This year is no exception. Since holidays are busy with us trying to split time between our families, we really wanted a night just to have with the two of us. And once Boyfriend goes back to work, he'll be CRAZY BUSY and I won't get to see him very often. So before that happens, we decided to exchange our gifts. :o)

I bought Boyfriend a myriad of things including a football jersey, a few video games and a DVD collection that he has been drooling over. And he brought me the most beautiful box in the world to open:

Before you get excited, just know that I was 100 PERCENT POSITIVE that it was NOT an engagement ring, especially one from Tiffany's! Boyfriend and I are really open with each other and I know that he doesn't want us to get engaged until he is full time employed. Since he still has a year to go in school, I knew it's not our time, yet. :o)

It wasn't an engagement ring but it was something just as beautiful:

A dove necklace!!! When we were in Vegas this year, I fell in love with this necklace. My name means little bird in Arabic and I've always loved bird pendants/earrings/jewelry/clothing, especially bird outlines. So once I saw this Paloma Picasso design, I fell in love and I guess Boyfriend remembered that I loved it so much. :o)

What a wonderful day. Now we are off to watch the Grinch with Jim Carrey and admire our new gifts. Well, I know I am. Hope your weekend starts off as great as mine has!


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