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Friday, December 23, 2011

White Christmas Eve Eve

It's Christmas Eve Eve and it's snowing in Las Cruces, New Mexico!

We got a few inches last night (our second big storm this winter.... when we rarely even have one!) and woke up this morning to a blanket of snow. This is technically an on Friday for us, but I took it off anyway to bake cookies with my mom, so I got to sleep in without worrying! It worked out perfect, because they closed the base, anyway!

The snow is still coming down and I'm a little worried because my cousin is supposed to fly in tonight... I guess we'll see! Since the southwest is really unprepared for snow, we don't have all the necessary equipment: like I've said before, it doesn't make sense for a whole town to have a fleet of snow trucks and plows and snow chains for all official vehicles when this is the first year we've had so many storms.

I'm not sure if we'll get to exchange presents, but I'm excited to have snow for the holidays! It makes everything festive... and I'm in a much better mood than last time, since we remembered to let our faucets drip both hot and cold, and none of our pipes froze! Woo!

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