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Monday, December 26, 2011

The Holiday Rundown

Merry Christmas, Blogland! It's technically the 26th, but I took, a couple days off to enjoy time with my family. I spent Christmas Eve Eve baking pumpkin bread for our roommate's dad (slash landlord), for our holiday party and a loaf for us at home becaue I love it so much!

I also spent the rest of the evening trying to separate the millions of gifts that we bought into piles for my family, Boyfriend's family, my friends and his friends... plus what we bought for Shadow!

Christmas Eve is always our busiest night. Both families celebrate on Christmas Eve, which means we run back and forth between houses like crazy. We started at my family's (photos from my sister, Jessica):

(These our our Cindy Lou Who slippers!)

It was such a great night. My mom bought me a really nice saucepan and a really nice sautepan from Sur La Table, a massage, the new boots, new pajamas, and some money. My cousin Steph bought me a cute clutch and two great pairs of earrings from Forever 21 (LOVE!), and my grandma got me a gift card for Chilis. Jess bought me a cover for my Kindle! I'm so happy because I had been looking for one! Hooray!

It was such a great Christmas Eve. But as soon as the presents were unwrapped, we buzzed off to Boyfriend's family to celebrate with them. We played some Charades (competitively, I might add) and then started opening presents. I got an Amazon gift card from Boyfriend's mom, some Avon perfume and body shimmer and body cream from my secret santa (his aunt Sylvia) plus a 25 dollar gift card, and a really beautiful scarf and mitten set from his grandparents.

We didn't get to stay long, but we had a great, great time. The next day, we got up early and had Christmas tea and biscottis with Boyfriend's mom (she makes them herself) before rushing back to my family's for our annual Christmas Day breakfast: eggs with lots of red chile! Yum!

About two hours after that, we rushed back to Boyfriend's house for his Christmas dinner of prime rib and scalloped potatoes. THEN we scurried to the movie theater to see Young Adult, which was really good, I thought! Then we were allowed to go home and I napped for four hours. It had been a busy, busy weekend.

I'm not sure what the plan is for today, but hopefully it includes lots of lying around and relaxing! Hope your holiday was wonderful!

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