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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Merry Christmas, Shadow!

I posted a few days about about wanting to find the perfect present. The next day, I found him tightly curled up on my body pillow and a light bulb went off.


He likes his bed, but he can't get comfortable because it's too thin and no soft and fluffy enough anymore! Duh! So we should get him a new bed!

Today, Boyfriend and I wrestled him into his leash and strolled to Petco...

On the one day of the week they do pet adoptions outside. Which meant PANDEMONIUM outside Petco! Kennels of dogs all lined up and people everywhere. And as soon we we approached, a few dogs started barking at Shadow, who looked up at us with wild eyes like, "Mom... Dad... I'm going to go crazy soon and start barking and howling...!"

We scurried inside, tugging along a whining Shadow (he was whining as he precursor to howling, not because he was sad) and made it safely inside. Whew. However, he was still all riled up, which made picking out a bed pretty difficult.

When we picked out his first bed, we lined up a few on the floor. He sniffed them all, then laid down on one and licked it. He's a smart dog, so we knew that was his choice. This time, he was so hyped up that it was impossible to get him to even glance at the beds. We lined up a few on the floor and called his name about 300 times to get his attention, but he would barely look at us before getting distracted by another dog or another person or howling outside.

"Shadow," I said seriously. "You have to pick out a bed."

I know I sounded ridiculous, but he's super smart and sometimes, if we tell him what we want from him, he will respond in ways that always amaze us. I figured it was worth a shot.

"Shadow!" I said again. "How about this one?"

He sniffed it and then... to our amazement...

He laid down on the bed and wagged his tail.

Relief! We escaped from the store as soon as possible, with a $75 memory foam bed for our genius dog. Merry Christmas, Shadow! You're the best dog ever and we looooove you!

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