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Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Favorites!

It's time for the one, the only (yeah right, the most popular scheduled type of post...)...


Today, I'm going to post a Friday Favorites on my favorite Holiday Traditions. I figure this is appropriate with the holiday season swirling around us, so here goes!

One of my favorite holiday traditions is making Christmas cookies with my mom on December 23rd. We always have a Christmas Eve party for our close friends at my parents', so Christmas Eve is filled with cooking for that night. But on the 23rd, we spend the day making my favorite type of cookies:


They look weird and a little ugly, but they are SO SO good... they're cinnamony and chocolately and fluffy pumpkiny. So great.

I also love eating red chile and eggs on Christmas morning. Last year, my parents' went out of town on Christmas Day to visit my sister in Oregon, so I took on the responsibility of making them for myself and Boyfriend. It was different than eating them in the house where I grew up, but familiar and still SO YUMMY.


And for the past two years, Boyfriend and I spent Christmas Day watching a double movie feature with a big Diet Coke (for me), a bottle of water (for him), some Red Vines, some Sour Patch Kids, and some awesome movie popcorn.

This year, I think my choice will be

We Bought a Zoo Poster


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Poster

What are your favorite traditions?

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