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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Beautiful Sundays

Today, I got up and made eggs for myself, Boyfriend and our roommate Thomas. Then we watched NFL Countdown and a little bit of Chopped, because I'm obsessed.


It's been a nice, relaxing day after a busy day yesterday! Yesterday, Boyfriend and I got up and had lunch with his mom at Red Lobster. We LOVE Red Lobster... it's hard to find good fish in New Mexico, so Red Lobster is our main option here.

After, we went to get Boyfriend the new iPhone as a present from his mom for Christmas! His old phone was a POS, so he's so happy to have a phone that charges... and receives calls consistently... and registers missed calls. You know, normal demands of a cell phone.

While he was getting his new phone, I headed over to Marshall's for some Christmas shopping and I got some GREAT things!

I can't show them here, because some of the gifts I got are for people that probably read this blog. But I knocked out most of my shopping in one fell swoop, then came home and finished the rest online. Online shopping is the best, especially from Amazon!

So except for one small errand, I'm totally done with my shopping... only about 500 bucks later. But it's so nice to have money to spend on people for Christmas! Last year, we were super broke after months of Shadow treatments after our beautiful puppy hurt his back and was on crate rest, plus months of weekly vet visits and all kinds of medicine, which meant a loooot of money our of our pockets. THEN we also went to Boston, so that was expensive, too. Basically, last year, we were kind of broke.

The year before, we were both just poor students with no money, so we didn't have the option. This is the first year that I could really buy the presents I wanted to buy for my friends and family and I couldn't be happier with my purchases!

Are you done with your Christmas shopping?

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