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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wednesday Ramblings

  • I only have a few minutes because tonight, I'm going with my family to see the NMSU Aggies play the UNM Lobos! Go Aggies!
  • Josh bought me a diet Ocean Water from Sonic... and won my heart all over again!
  • I worked yesterday. I worked today. I work tomorrow. Then I have four more days off for the holidays! Hooray!
  • Boyfriend + Boyfriend's mom + Boyfriend's mom's boyfriend + Jenna = SUN BOWL on Saturday! I'm excited!
  • Boyfriend and I have been seriously talking about our next big vacation and we think that it might have to be...

CHICAGO! The Windy City!

I've ALWAYS wanted to go to Chicago. I'm super excited about this!

  •  I'm currently watching He's Just Not That Into You... side story: when I went to see this with my girlfriends, they all walked out of the theater saying, "I'm the exception". For me, however? This movie ruined/saved my life. I walked out saying, "Oh my God, ___ doesn't really like me and ___ doesn't really like me!" Girls have such a tendency to rationalize everything (examples: Oh, D is just so confused after his last breakup... or M and I are meant to be together, he just wants to date around first... NEWS FLASH, past Jenna. Neither were really into you, even though they pretend to be into me now that I'm incredibly happy with Boyfriend. Take that).
  • Boyfriend bought me the old school nintendo mario 64 game for the wii, plus the controller, because he knew how much I LOVED Mario 64 when I was growing up. He's such the best.
  • I've had green chile about 200 times in the past two weeks. Am I sick of it? NO WAY.
  • I gave Shadow and little Remix rib bones last night and they promptly hid them somewhere in the house. I have a sneaky suspicion that they "buried" them in my roommate's bed. Oopsie.
  • Last night, I visited my 91 and 92 year old grandparents. My grandpa asked where Boyfriend was, and I told him that he was working. Then my 91 year old grandfather said:
"Gotta get that money."

Sorry, I didn't realize he was the most gangsta 91 year old man in the world!

Gotta fly!

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