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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dog Days of Christmas

As everyone who reads this blog knows, I love my dog Shadow more than (almost) anything in the world. I spoil him like crazy because he's my little puppy child and also because he's just so darn good. He's a super great listener, he tries really hard to be good, and he's SUPER smart so he just knows what we want from him.

True story: On Thursday, I picked up pizza for me and Boyfriend. We ate it on the bed in the bedroom, watching my new seasons of Friends. Shadow jumped on the bed, right next to the pizza, then laid down and didn't bother us AT ALL. He was maybe five inches from my plate and never licked at it or tried to beg for some. He just put his nose on his paws and closed his eyes. SO GOOD.

Because he's such a good dog, I want to get him something nice for Christmas... something that he'll enjoy. I always get him toys because he takes good care of them (never really destroying them, licking them, and carrying them into his crate for the night), so for Christmas, I want it to be special.

Any ideas for this great dog?

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