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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Yay, Presents!

Tonight was a bitter sweet moment. I had dinner with my good friend Dani at Andales (yum!), where we feasted on flautas and tacos. We also exchanged Christmas presents (the sweet part!) and she gave me some AWESOME things, such as all of the colors that I need to create galaxy nails that I saw on Cup of Jo (photos from her page!):

She also got me some Avon glitter eyeliner. She knows me too well: I love all things sparkly and all things eyeliner! I think this will be perfect for New Year's Eve! :o)

She ALSO got me a beautiful purple necklace/bracelet made from Kenyan women from woven grass. It's beautiful and I love it. PLUS, she got me a great candle. :o)

The bitter part of this whole thing is that she is moving to Chicago to spread her wings in one week and one day. I'll miss her; throughout everything, I can always count on Danielle to be there to talk to me or hang out with me when I need someone. She and I have been friends since before I can remember: we went to elementary, middle, high school, college together. We lived together at the dorms. She's a great friend and I'm proud of her for taking this step and being so brave, but hey, at least it gives me an opportunity to visit her in Chicago!

Ah, the first presents of the holiday season. Exciting!

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