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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Recap!

I'm only a few days late, but I thought I would take a minute to update on Halloween night! Our plan to stay away from Drunky McDrunks went pretty well... we all got dressed up and went bowling and had a blast!

I went as Black Swan, while Boyfriend went as a Terminator, Thomas went as a pimp, and Kaitlyn went as a nerd.

Thomas blew us out of the water in bowling. He was amazing. Kaitlyn and I were just trying to break 100 lol!

I call this photo "Terminator and the Pimp: a Love Story". You can't tell, but Thomas had me add makeup so he would feel like "he was really dressing up". I added some powder and some shimmer to his cheekbones, plus a little eyeliner... then I got jealous at how pretty his eyes are with eyeliner! Boys get all the luck with lashes and eye color!

I also made Halloween funfetti cupcakes... I took this photo to show Boyfriend's ideal Halloween and mine (his refers to the huge number of Dos Equis beer!).

Shadow even got dressed up as Michael Jordan! He was quite adorable, if I do say so myself (and I definitely do!).

On Sunday, we were busy busy busy! We had breakfast at my mom's, then watched the Ravens game at a sports bar, then went to Boyfriend's uncle's house for his birthday party, then finished some laundry. Whew!

But we did take a few minutes to snuggle:

On Monday night, a family friend Shane was having a Halloween dinner and a small haunted house, so my mom, dad, Grandma and I headed over for some chili dogs and lots of candy (of course). I threw on my wings and wore a baltimore ravens jersey (Ed Reed, of course) and went as a Baltimore Raven. Cute, huh?

How were your Halloween celebrations?

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