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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas Shopping


You mean I should be shopping for other people?

Not... not just me?


This weekend, Boyfriend and I completely missed the point of Christmas shopping and bought a bunch of clothes for ourselves. :o)

Like this coat! For $40!

And this shirt!

And a couple other shirts that I can't find photos of on Old Navy. Boyfriend bought jeans and a couple t-shirts. :o)

Sunday, we went to Boyfriend's mom's house for a celebration for her boyfriend Steve, who was recently promoted to warden from assistant warden at the prison nearby. I'm so happy for him... and for Boyfriend's mom, who has had to put up with years of Steve going out to the prison at all hours of the night to handle situations!

Then, we went to my parents' house. Since we always spend Thanksgiving with my grandparents in Alamogordo, my mom likes to make a Thanksgiving meal on the Sunday before the T-day on Thursday. This time, I made a sweet potato pie for my contribution because it's Boyfriend's favorite. :o)


It was really good! I've never had a sweet potato pie, so I had to keep asking Boyfriend to taste the batter to make sure it was tasting like it is supposed to!

But he assured me it was great! Success!

Now, I have a couple days of work left then I'm off for four days! Hooray!

Have a good night!

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