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Monday, November 14, 2011


Look at this dog. You might be thinking, "Aw, what an adorable puppy!"

That's how she gets you.

Oh, sure, she's adorable. She's Remix, the roommate's puppy, and I love her very much... However, sometimes she makes me want to kill myself.

Like when she discovered that those tiny, adorable paws? Yeah, they can easily dig you out of the yard.

Awesome. AWESOME.

Even better, she discovered that the only way out (under our fence into our neighbor's yard) leads directly into the yard that contains a large, taunting, EVIL bunny that teases my dogs into a frenzy daily.


Now, she can't be left alone in the yard. Which means Shadow doesn't want to be left alone in the yard. So until Boyfriend and Thomas can find enough cinderblocks to trap her in our yard, we are stuck with two wildly energetic dogs (one of whom is still only tentatively potty trained).


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