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Saturday, November 5, 2011


  • I love enchiladas.
  • I hate eggs.
  • However, I love eggs on enchiladas. Proof that enchiladas are a magical food.
  • I love hearing Boyfriend and Thomas play video games. They get so excited and animated. Adorable.
  • I need more ballet flats. I have a thousand pairs, but I always want more.
  • I'm currently watching Drumline... and I still love it as much as I did the first time that I saw it in high school.
  • Just heard the phrase "chillin with the spawn" from Boyfriend playing Gears of War with Thomas. No idea what is happening.
  • I made breakfast this morning and I feel so accomplished: eggs, bacon, biscuits. Easy, but yet I feel like I made a feast.
  • Today is my party day for Boyfriend's family! I'm so excited!
  • Tomorrow is my party day for my family! So excited!
  • Next Saturday is my "close friends" party! So excited!
  • I haven't gone to a movie in forever... and I miss it. I miss the dark, cold room and sitting next to Boyfriend and eating movie popcorn and the flush of emotion from a good movie.
  • New magazines in the mail are the best.
  • Cable is also the best.
  • MarioKart might be better than the best.
  • Okay bye!

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