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Thursday, November 17, 2011



I can't believe I've forgotten to post this until now. I waited with bated breath on Monday for this and here it is... the first trailer... and now I'm frustrated.

Because I just want to see it even more than I did before.


Can I just say that I already LOVE Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss? I've grown up seeing my favorite book series put into movie form and not always being happy with it (Kristin Stewart? Worst. Bella. Ever. Kristin is so boring and dull and has no emotion and... ugh). And I was recently frustrated with the ending of Harry Potter... what was with ignoring how Pettigrew died? What was with not going into Dumbledore's past? and WHAT was with the whole "let's go out how we started... together" part? Weird. I liked how it was before. One final showdown. No spinning around together and being stupid.

But just from Jennifer's scene when she volunteers for her sister, I already believe her. I'm SO excited.

Have you read The Hunger Games? Did you love them as much as I do?

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