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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Dear Jenna,

Today you are 24 years old. I can't believe how old/young you are. You've gone through so much, but the best is definitely yet to come. I know you're probably looking back with longing at how much simpler things were when you were younger and you could daydream about your life without actually going through it, but it's better this way, I promise.

You've gone through first kisses, first cars, first jobs, first dates, best dates, and now you have a degree, a great job in a bad economy, a great boyfriend, a great dog, a great roommate, great friends. You might not be living in New York City like you wanted when you were 13, but this is better. Plus, I don't want to live in New York anymore: too much snow, too many people, and not enough sky.

Be happy. I am. You are.


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