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Monday, November 21, 2011

Friday Favorites

SOOOO my Blogger scheduler messed up (awesome), so a little late, here is my...


So this week's Friday Favorites is about my favorite video games. Now, I'm not a huge gamer like Boyfriend, Thomas, and Mikey are... but I do enjoy a few games... mostly kid-type games. But whatever. Everyone loves Mario.

I LOVE racing games and I love any game in which I can play as a tall blonde princess in a pink dress (Princess Peach, duh!). Boyfriend and I are pretty much experts at this game and we've beat almost all of the competitions, including the time challenges, etc.

And of course, more Mario. This one takes me back to the Super Mario 64 (another huge favorite, but I'll spare you another photo of a small Italian plumber)... plus, I love that Boyfriend and I could play it together.

LEGO BATMAN! I love this game. I especially like being able to play as Catwoman. I'm getting pretty good at the whole whip thing.

And as long as we're talking about Catwoman...

Batman Arkham City. Even better than Arkham Assylum, in my opinion. I, again, like playing as Catwoman.

Boyfriend and I were OBSESSED with this game! We played through on easy, on the same team, and won the World Cup. I loved that we could play as the actual players (like Donovan!) and how easy it was to move.

I'm not a huge gamer, like I said, but I can play these games for hours and hours. What about you guys? Any gamers out there?

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