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Saturday, October 29, 2011


(I wrote a column for the Las Cruces Sun-News about my desire to dress up my dog in a Michael Jordan jersey for Halloween... read it here!)

Tonight, of course, is not Halloween. But in the everlasting party world of college students and recent college graduates, it might as well be. Tonight is the night that my friends will don witty/stupid/slutty costumes and drink and party and eat candy.

I'm pretty much done with the party scene in my town (I always end up playing the mom and taking care of my friends to make sure they don't drink and drive or get too wasted, which gets OLD after a while), plus drinking is expensive, so instead of party-hopping between college bars and house parties where I'll be in danger of seeing yet another party busted by the cops (fun!), Boyfriend, Roommate and I will be heading out to bowl in costume.

I'm actually really excited about this. We can bowl and drink beer and listen to 90's rap (my favorite!) and have fun without being around super drunk people. Boyfriend is dressing up as Terminator and I'm going as Black Swan (I have black wings and a tutu!).

I'll let you know how successful we are for Halloween tomorrow. Wish me luck as we try to avoid the drunky mcdrunks!

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