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Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

(My column came out today in the Las Cruces Sun-News! Click here to see it!)

Wednesday morning, I woke up with my head pounding, my nose congested and my throat scratchy. I toughed it out and went to work but spent the whole afternoon curled up in my bed surrounded by a blanket of used tissues and Gossip Girl on Netflix while Boyfriend slaved away at his double shift.

Thursday, I was hoping after a massive dose of Nyquil that I would be feeling better, but I wasn't, so I skipped Thanksgiving with my family (SAD FACE!) and spent, again, most of the day drinking Nyquil, napping, and slugging down massive amounts of Zicam and pulpy orange juice. We took an hour break t eat with Boyfriend's family, where I ate about a cup worth of food and then passed out on a couch until Boyfriend took me home, where we watched the Ravens- 49er game on TV (GO RAVENS!) and then, after another does of Nyquil, went back to bed for another 11 hours of sleep.

And success! Today I'm feeling MUCH better. :o)

I'm still a little congested and I still have a slight fever, but it's way lower than it had been Wednesday and Thursday. And I get tired easier and I still don't have an appetite, but I felt well enough for us to go to lunch with my parents and then to Target to see if there were any leftovers from the big sale earlier (there WERE! A lot!), and we scored a couple seasons on Always Sunny, a couple seasons of 30 Rock, The Blind Side, a soft blanket, Skyrim, Fantastic Mr. Fox, a soft dog toy for Catalina and a movie for Camren. Whew! :o)

Now, Boyfriend and I are setting up our Christmas tree and watching Love Actually. Great Black Friday. I deem it a success. Hope yours was as successful! :o)

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