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Friday, August 24, 2012

Sunshines/Dark Clouds

It's FRIDAY! Time for Sunshines and Dark Clouds! WOO!

Dark Clouds:
  • I had the biggest gym fail (read about it here) yesterday. I just wanted to run a mile! But the universe conspired against me.
  • I'm tired, tired, tired, but I got some good overtime, so I guess that helps!
  • The weather has been cooler (50s in the morning) and I've been COOOOLD. It's just another reminder of what I'll experience in a few months when the weather REALLY drops. Can we live in Phoenix now?
  • We've had some rain (yay!), but that means the mosquitoes are coming out in DROVES. Booooooo!

  • It's FRIDAY and I'm off!
  • Fiance and I are getting passports today! YAY!
  • The rain has been sooooo nice, Look at these beautiful clouds!
  • With Fiance's new job, we can pay off some little things we've been putting off and I'm SO happy. I'm a worrier (especially about money), so this is a wonderful thing for us.
  • We have a weekend planned of just eating, hanging out, working out, and watching movies. I can't wait!
  • I sold some of my books to a store in town and got some extra cash. It's SO hard for me to part with books, but I finally did. It's time for some fall cleaning.
  • Fiance took me to get a wrap and some green chile wonton soup. YUMMY! 

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