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Monday, August 13, 2012

Great Things

Tomorrow, Fiance begins his new job and I couldn't be more proud of him!

A little background if you're an online reader and not one of my friends. I'm two years older than Fiance (yeah, yeah, cougar, I know!) and being incredibly organized (and in one of the few degree programs that can be completed in four years), I graduated on time in 2010 at 22. At that time, we had been dating almost a year. I went straight into my full time salaried job, and have been in the Real World ever since.

Fiance had another couple of years to finish his degree (which he just did in May! YAY!), but it felt so much longer to both of us because I had been out in the real world for two years already, even though he's 22 now and finished college relatively early in life.

However, I know he was uncomfortable about marrying me and not having a full time job. Not because we weren't doing fine: I make great money (for a job in journalism! lol!) and we are in a great living situation with Thomas, wherein we pay peanuts for rent and can save all kinds of money for our wedding and a big down payment for a house.

But tomorrow, Fiance starts his big, impressive job. A "I can take care of my family" job (his words). A big, real world job. And he is so, so ready.

And so am I! It's such a great thing for our little family and it will get us to our dreams (a house of our own, our beautiful wedding, living in Phoenix) SO much faster. I'm so proud of him! Yay!

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