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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Engagement Photos!

Since we are having a destination wedding, wedding photos have been kind of a pain in my rear.

FOR EXAMPLE. Our photographer is wonderful, but of course, she lives in Phoenix. We will be going in November to visit Fiance's mom, and to see our favorite comedian Kevin Hart again. Will she be in town and available that weekend?


She suggested doing our engagement photos over the holidays. Fiance works for a large shipping company and guess what? Late November/December are their BUSIEST time ever, so we canNOT go out of town.

And we want our Save the Dates sooner than that so we can send them out before the holidays.


But my wonderful friend Melissa offered her services for a wonderful price, and I'm super excited to get our photos done! We scheduled our engagement photos for this weekend and we are going to just relax and have fun. We really want our Save the Dates to be pretty low-key and fun, since our actual wedding and our invitations will be pretty formal.

Check her out here!

And best of all, we get to take pictures with our favorite creature in the world, my little Shadow!

Look at that little face. He is SO cute.
Although, Fiance and I are now locked in a battle about Shadow's attire. I, personally, think a little bowtie would be SO CUTE on him. Fiance thinks cheesy. What do you guys think?


  1. Shadow needs a bowtie. Also, I got really excited when I saw the title of this post, because I thought it would contain actual engagement photos. imagine my disappointment...

    1. Agh! Sorry! My new one has a sneak peak!