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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fantasy Football Season Returns

Fantasy Football. A chance for all local football fans to pretend to be general managers/coaches and create super teams based on their favorite players in real life.

I even wrote a column on it her.

Needless to say, it's a big deal for me.

I really got into it last year. It started a little bit as a challenge. I work in an EXTREMELY male-dominated field (department of defense engineering) and one day, at lunch, my boss's boss (a really nice guy, overall) asked my coworker Louie if he would be interested in joining their fantasy football league.

Now, here's the scene. We were at a table with five or six other men. All of them were in the league except Louie and me. So when he asked Louie to be in the league, I was very distinctly ignored.

Which burned me. Louie is a great guy and a good friend, so he quickly replied that I was the bigger football fan between the two of us (he's a baseball guy). My boss quickly extended the invitation to me as well, and even apologized later for assuming that I wasn't interested in football before. But I still remember sitting there, the only person not invited, and being the bigger fan between the two of us.

That motivation carried me throughout the season and I made it all the way to the championship match, beating out 10 of the 11 other teams. I lost to our company's VPO, who is also a great guy and very kind, but to make it to the championship match when I wasn't even included at the beginning was so, so sweet.

I'm in two leagues this year and I'm the only girl in both. I'm excited to see what this season holds! Wish me luck!

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