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Friday, August 17, 2012


Today, instead of a Sunshines and Dark Clouds (because I've just been a boring worker bee), I thought I would do a little Recipe Friday for you!

So in losing weight, Fiance and I have found a few true and tried recipes that we basically recycle every week. Here are a few of our favorite recipes!


Rotisserie Chicken Stir Fry

This is one of my FAVORITES. Fiance is less obsessed, but I could have this every week. It's SO good.


Rotisserie chicken
Low sodium soy sauce
Teriyaki sauce
Vegetables (varied, but we use broccoli, carrots, snap peas, mushrooms, onion and zucchini)
Quinoa or rice

Dump all of your vegetables into a pan or a wok. Add some soy sauce and some teriyaki sauce. While that is simmering over medium heat, tear the meat off the chicken and add it to the pan (I make fiance do this). Add more teriyaki and more soy sauce. Cover and let sit until vegetables are soft (stirring occassionally).

While all this is going on, make your quinoa according to box. Then put the quinoa on a plate and pour the stir fry over the top.

It's SO EASY and soooo delicious. Plus, it's a sneaky way of getting a TON of vegetables into your meal. Sometimes I forget about the quinoa, but I'm usually fine with just the chicken and vegetables. Fiance, however, has a very physical job and needs the extra calories. I try not to forget for him :o)

Another one of my favorites?

Turkey tacos!

You'll need:

A pound of ground turkey (we use the lean, 93/7)
A packet of taco seasoning (if you make your own, you are more awesome than I)
Lite sour cream
Corn tortillas

Make your turkey on a pan (like ground beef). When it's done, add the taco seasoning and let simmer over low. Cut up your tomato. Warm up the corn tortillas. You can fry them, but I don't usually, because of the extra calories. Then put the salsa, tomato, turkey, and sour cream onto the tortillas. THE END.

Again, SUPER easy. With our varied schedules, Fiance and I have about an hour between our work shifts in which to make and eat dinner. I like to cook, but if it takes longer than 30 minutes from start to finish, we're usually cutting it pretty close for Fiance to have enough time to eat and digest before work.

With Fiance's new schedule, however, we can take our time and make enchiladas, fish tacos on the grill, pizza, chicken and rice casseroles, things that we love but that take time to make.

But in the meantime, I could literally eat those two dishes every week. If you're looking for something quick, these are AWESOME. However, warning, there are always leftovers. Fiance likes to add refried beans to his turkey taco leftovers and then eat it like a dip with chips, if you like that idea.

Anyone have any quick and easy recipes to share?

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