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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Gym Fail

So normally, when I get on the treadmill, this is my routine.

Walk for five minutes at 4.0, with a 4.0 incline.

Run for 7-8 minutes (or until I can't breathe).

Walk for 5.

Run for 3.

Walk for 2.

Run for 2.

Walk for 2.

Run for 3.

Cool down for 5.

Then I get onto the elliptical.

But then, a few days ago, I realized that I run for eight minutes at a 11 minute pace. Which means if I ran for just THREE MORE MINUTES, I would run a mile straight. It pretty much blew my mind and at that moment, I started thinking about running a mile.

I'm going to be honest. It should be abundantly clear that I am NOT a good runner. I hate running. Also, I have boobs, which makes running difficult. Or maybe that's just another excuse. Either way, running is the WORST. Even at my best shape (in high school), I wasn't a good runner. C'est la vie.

So the thought of running a mile straight was SUPER exciting. I was ready to make that move in my workout routine. I was ready to run a mile.

But then I had the WORST workout luck ever. I woke up with really sore thighs after a grueling workout last night (with so many lunges. Oh, the lunges). I stretched as best as I could and then got started.

About three minutes into my running, my had hit my headphones and send my ipod flying from the ledge onto the treadmill and then- whoosh! right behind me. I paused, hopped off to get the ipod, then got back on and pumped it up.

At about five minutes in, I did it AGAIN. Another pause, another rush to grab the ipod, then another few seconds of getting back to my running pace (at this point, I abandoned my ipod and just zoned out). At eight minutes, my shoe came untied. Another pause and quick tie.

I ran the mile in 11 minutes without walking, BUT I had those three stupid breaks in between. I didn't ever walk, but I stopped my pace to grab the ipod and then pump my pace back up because the treadmill would take me back down to 1.0 when I paused. I probably lost at least a minute in it.

I was so frustrated! Bah. But at least I did it, and I know I can do it again, and I'm excited to do it without the stupid distractions. Fiance is joining my gym with me tomorrow, so maybe I'll try again tomorrow.

Wish me luck! And enjoy this beautiful photo of a famous New Mexico sunset. My favorite part of living here.

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