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Friday, June 1, 2012


Whew, another sunshine and dark cloud session which is always great because that means its FRIDAY! YAY! Here we go:

  • I miss my ring! I want it back!
  • It's been windy and icky lately. Here we go, summer!
  • No good movies are out... I already saw Avengers and I'd love to see Hunger Games again, but other than that... :o(
  • I've been feeling really hot and sticky lately... plus I feel like I'm retaining water. I'm not eating any more sodium than normal... wonder what's up?

  • My boss gave me his standing freezer and I'm SO excited to have it (nerdy, right?). Sometimes, Fiance goes to work before I get home and with this, I can make casseroles and leave instructions on how to heat it up and poof! Fiance has a great, hot meal no matter what time I get home!
  • Tomorrow, I start the Couch to 5K program with my little Shadow and I'm excited! I think running with him will be great exercise for both of us and a great bonding experience! :o)
  • Last week, I FINALLY got a couple of shirts that fit me! Hooray!
  • I ALSO got a great little Coach clutch for just $30. Love sales and outlet malls! :o)
  • We have a nice relaxing weekend on the agenda. Last week, my sister came into town and it was SO great to see her, but we were busy like CRAZY telling our families and seeing her. This weekend? Just movies, the newest True Blood season on DVD, and some Greek food!
  • my favorite thing about wedding planning is HONEYMOON planning! Hawaii? Vegas? San Diego? Bahamas? (Can you tell I'm leaning toward a beach vacation? After all the planning and working out to get ready, I know I'll need a nice relaxing vacation to follow it up!)
  • Next week, we're heading to Phoenix and we'll get to meet with my potential wedding planner! We already had this trip scheduled, but a couple days after we got engaged, I emailed the planner and asked if we could meet. We could, so we are! Let's get this wedding planning started!

Have a great day! :o)

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