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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Teen Mom Drinking Game

One of my favorite shows (as I've mentioned before) is TEEN MOM on MTV. Season one? Season two? Doesn't matter. Love them all. Hopefully I love the season 3 girls just as much!

But now, CMT is playing a mini-marathon of Teen Mom 2 and I've started noticing little quirks about the girls. Sometimes, they are so predictable that you can set your watch by them... or drink to them! I now present to you my TEEN MOM DRINKING GAME... made up entirely by me based on years of dedicated Teen Mom watching! :o)

TEEN MOM Drinking Game (Seasons One and Two)
Drink when...

You see leopard print near Chelsea
They have to put subtitles when Corey talks
They have to put subtitles when Leah talks
 Farrah does her ugly crying face
Adam says something mean to Chelsea
Amber gets mad at Gary
 Jenelle and her mom fight
Bentley gets into trouble/into something at the house
Keifer wears that green hoodie
Adam doesn't wear a shirt
Corey wears that torn up camo hat
Chelsea's dad gives her money/a gift
Catelynn and Tyler kiss/say I love you (they're my favorites)
Butch goes to jail/gets released from jail
Everytime someone gets engaged
Everytime someone breaks up

Pretty awesome, right? Gotta love Teen Mom!

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