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Monday, June 25, 2012


Fiance and I were busy this weekend, even though we tried not to be! Starting on Thursday, I made these delicious little treats for a girls' night with my friends:

They were SO simple and so good. I used 8 oz cream cheese (light, of course), four tablespoons of powdered sugar, and some crushed graham crackers as toppings. The strawberries were surprisingly easy to hollow out... I used a small paring knife (and didn't even hurt myself... success!), but most of the tops pulled out the insides anyway when I pulled those out!

Then on Friday, I went to watch my dad umpire softball. He works as an umpire during the summers; he LOVES baseball/softball. He used to go watch random teams (kids, adults, the over 50 league, anything!) so my mom finally asked him why he didn't become an umpire. Now he is and he LOVES it.

Saturday, Fiance and I ran some errands at the mall and looked for a new watch for him. We played basketball and then showered and ran some more errands. Because we work out on Saturday, we eat those workout calories as a treat but when dinner came around we were both craving just a really great salad. So we grabbed one from Dions and watched Donald Glover's standup. Hilarious!

Sunday was spent running more errands, like grocery shopping, etc., before seeing Brave. It was really, really cute! The visuals were great! The story was a little complicated but overall I really liked it. Then we made burgers (yummy!) and a cake for dinner while we watched Pulp Fiction.

And tonight, I went to Zumba with my friend Vanessa. It was a zumba toning class and man, I definitely feel it! I'm seriously considering joining this gym just for the zumba! Having a friend in the class definitely helps, too.

All in all, a great weekend. How was yours?

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