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Friday, June 29, 2012


Sunshines and Dark Clouds time, a little early this week! Woo!

Dark Clouds:
  • The cleaning in my house is neverending.
  • I've had plans cancelled TWICE on me this week (sad face!).
  • We have not been doing great on planning our meals. Normally, Fiance and I are pretty good about planning out the week's meals, but nope. Not this week. We resorted to frozen french fries and frozen corndogs tonight. Nothing like feeding our inner seven year olds!
  • Two of my pretty, pretty gel nails broke. BOO!

  • My cousin and aunt are coming in tomorrow for a visit! My cousin is also one of my bridesmaids and this is the first time I'll see her since I got engaged. SO EXCITED!

  •   I'm making real progress on my wedding. I never really thought I would become a "wedding blogger" in the course of this whole thing, but as this is a representation of my life, my life and this blog will both revolve around weddings in various periods. Truth.
  • I'm THISCLOSE to joining a gym with my friend Vanessa. The zumba is so fun and I always feel GREAT when I'm done. I just have to bite the bullet and join!
  • We head back to Phoenix in just two weeks for our cake tasting, rehearsal dinner scouting, wedding dress scouting, meetings with photographers and meetings with DJs. In just TWO DAYS. Wish us tons of luck!
  • Fiance (my wonderful wonderful fiance) is buying us tickets to see our favorite comedian Kevin Hart back in Phoenix in November! I figure I can always justify the trip by making some wedding plans while we are there... right?

Have a great weekend! I'll check back in later!

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