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Friday, January 20, 2012

Sunshines! Dark Clouds!

Welcome back to another episode of Sunshines and Dark Clouds (my new Friday tradition)!


  • Boyfriend's grandpa gave us his elliptical after hearing that we were interested in one. He wouldn't even let us buy it from him. Isn't he sweet? Yay for nice family members!
  • Speaking of sweet and ellipticals, Boyfriend moved it into our spare room all by himself today just so I could use it tonight. Best boyfriend ever.
  • Our little Remix has learned that she has the ability to jump straight from the floor riiiight onto the kitchen table with a cat-like landing. This might actually be a dark cloud, too. But I'm keeping it here because I'm incredibly impressed at our tiny, clumsy puppy's jumping abilities.
  • My magazines came today! I looove Glamour... it makes Friday evenings so much better.
  • My Ravens play on SUNDAY! WOO!

Dark Clouds
  • There are never enough hours in the day to do what I want!
  • I worked extra hours at work to make up for taking off Tuesday to recover from my dastardly cold, so these past few work days have been even longer than usual!
  • I'm getting super sick of the foods I make. I think I'm just blah about everything. I'm craving foods I rarely even want, like steak and soup. Weird.
That's all my dark clouds for now because it's FRIDAY! Weekend starts NOW!

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