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Friday, January 13, 2012

New Friday Traditions

With a new year (2012! Where did the time go?), I figured it was time for a new Friday tradition!

Instead of Friday Favorites, I thought I would take a page from my sorority's book and go with Sunshines and Dark Clouds.

I'm pretty sure most sororities have something like this: in meeting, or at dinner, people share good things that happen to them (sunshines/roses/smiles) and also sad things that happened to them (dark clouds/thorns/frowns). So welcome to my new tradition: Sunshines and Dark Clouds!

  • I've worked out four times this week and after the first day, I noticed how energetic I am! I have so much more energy and I just feel better throughout the day. It's totally worth the sore muscles!
  • I finally jumped on the New Girl bandwagon... and it's HILARIOUS! I love that show!
  • I'm heading into a four day weekend (Martin Luther King Day, what what!) and I'm SO EXCITED.
  • I'm really excited to go to the farmers market this weekend! I'm super addicted to the tomatoes and onions that one stall sells.
  • Football playoffs continue this weekend! I love football.
  • I got second place in my fantasy football league, which means $100 for me! Holla!
Dark Clouds:
  • Remix got spayed... and is super whimpery and sad. It's breaking my heart!
  • School starts soon for Boyfriend, which means less time for us to spend together. :o(
  • Even though I have more energy from working out, at night, I completely crash, which has diminished the time I spend with Boyfriend. By 11:00, I'm OUT like a light.
  • I want to take Shadow to the market with us, but he's too tuggy on the leash, so I fear we might have to leave him at home again.
Have a good weekend!

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