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Friday, January 27, 2012

Sunshines and Dark Clouds!

  • I get to spend a weekend with my close friends... nothing better than that!
  • The Oscars are coming up... so Boyfriend is especially happy! I'm sure whatever we do this weekend, we'll manage to sneak in some movies. We have quite a few movies to go through before the Academy Awards.
  • The weather has been wonderful lately... nothing like New Mexico in January!
  • I can't wait to see my friend's baby boy tomorrow! He's getting so big!
  • We're almost out of January... come on, summer!
  • I've been working out on the elliptical and it's hard. Really hard. But I feel so good once I'm done.
  • I'm re-reading The Hunger Games in anticipation of the movie. I CAN'T WAIT!
The Hunger Games Poster

Dark Clouds:

  • I've been snacking instead of eating actual meals and now I feel sick. I think I need something healthy to eat. Blah.
  • I've been so... so... soooo sleepy. I need more sleep but then when I can sleep in, my internal clock wakes me up at 7! So frustrating!
  • Football pretty much means nothing anymore since the Ravens lost... I don't even really care who wins the Super Bowl. Eh.
  • I was supposed to get a massage today, but the woman flaked out. Lame.
  • I'm already sick of people talking about Valentine's Day and it's not even February. Awesome.
Hope you have more sunshines than dark clouds! Happy weekend!

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