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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Funny Story

So when I was in middle school, I was in love with this boy named Anthony. I guess "love" is a little strong... I was 12, but he was the bee's knees and I so wanted to... hold his hand, or date him only at school, or talk on the phone every night, or whatever it was that 12 year olds do.

And then, magically, he liked me too and asked me out after the Valentine's Day Dance. It was magical. We dated for six months (which was like 10 years in middle school time!) and then, tragically, grew apart (13 will do that to you). However, we split on good terms and have spoken over the years (12 years!). He has a beautiful wife and an adorable baby, with another on the way, and I have my wonderful boyfriend and, of course, Shadow, the furry love of my life.

However, he did give me some great memories. He was my first real crush. He was my first kiss, my first dance, my first boyfriend. He was my first infatuation, and the first time I knew that if I really like someone enough, I could be with them a long, long time.

He also gave me my first gifts from a boy. He gave me a locket for Christmas and a ring.

This ring:

Fast-forward 12 years until... about a week ago. My mom happens to work with Anthony's mom (my mom is the principal of an elementary school, and Anthony's mom is her vice principal) and they were reminiscing about our young puppy love. My mom mentions that Anthony gave me a locket and a ring, to which Anthony's mom replied, "A ring? What kind of ring?"

Long story short, Anthony was trying to impress me (awww) and accidentally gave me his MOTHER'S WEDDING RING instead of some costume jewelry that he meant to grab! Anthony's mom went crazy after realizing it was lost and filed a police report and was really, really sad because it was a sentimental ring. Anthony, we think, just freaked out (being young and probably not even realizing that he had grabbed his mom's ring until she freaked out) and kept quiet all these years... and all the while, I thought it was a fake ring and had almost thrown away the $5,000 ring multiple times. LUCKILY, I'm incredibly sentimental, so I kept it.

Anthony's mom was reunited with her ring today and was practically in tears seeing it again after a dozen years. It was almost like fate... that I had kept that ring all this time, and that she ended up working with my mom, and they mentioned it when they had never brought it up before. I'm so happy everything worked out; I know if I had lost my wedding ring that Boyfriend gave me, I would be heartbroken.

But what a funny story! I told Boyfriend that since I got a $5,000 diamond ring at 12, he has some pretty big shoes to fill with my next ring. ;o)


  1. What a crazy story! Anthony's mom must be so happy!

    1. I know, I can't believe it all worked out!

  2. Hahaha. So, that’s why I was kind of skeptical after seeing the ring. Seriously, how could he afford that then? You can’t deny the quality despite the fact that it’s not as sparkly as a new one. But looking back at the intention behind the young man’s effort, you can’t help but laugh. :D It must’ve been really overwhelming for his mother. She probably gave up finding the ring. A very gracious ending, indeed! -->Bridget Rossi

  3. Funny! LOL! I guess ‘love’ can do crazy things to us,eh? I do admire the effort, but it’s definitely not advisable. Kids, don't mix up your mom’s rings, okay?! :p

    -Paige Low