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Monday, January 2, 2012


A new year. A clean slate. The perfect chance to take a look at myself and think, "What would I like to change about myself?"

But at the same time, that feels a little harsh. So today, instead of just writing what I want to change about myself, I want to think about what I love about myself and how I can help that improve and grow.

I LOVE that I have beautiful long hair. I want to keep it healthy by getting regular haircuts and playing with it less.

I LOVE that I am a generally nice person most of the time... but I want to make myself better by being nice to everyone, no matter what.

I LOVE that I have a great memory... but I want to let go of bad feelings toward bad people. For good.

I LOVE cooking, so I want to cook more often for me, Boyfriend, and our awesome roommate and keep us healthy by cooking healthier.

I LOVE dancing, so I want to get in shape by doing Zumba!

I LOVE Boyfriend, so much, so I want to use this year to make sure he knows just how much I love him and I love our life together.

After all, life is an ever-changing, ever-moving experience and we have to be able to accept what we have and where we want to go and somehow merge the two. Happy new year!

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