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Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Memories

Instead of Throwback Thursday, I thought I would start off the week with a little Monday Memories (pulled from a few other blogs doing similar things)! We'll see if this ends up being a weekly thing. For now, we'll start with...

High School Memories
1. Tell us what kind of student you were in high school {popular, nerd, sport obsessed, choir, etc}
I guess I was a combination, but mainly nerd. My high school wasn't as cliche, really. Like, we had football players and cheerleaders in the marching band. I was on the pom squad, but it wasn't like we were the popular clique. I was Winter Ball Queen my senior year, but I think it was just because I knew a lot of people. I was in marching band, poms, honor society, and a creative writing/thinking group called Knightwriters. I LOVED my high school years.
2. Share with us some high school pictures. We know you have them somewhere.
Ah, high school. Here are a few.

Me and some of my best girlfriends who are still good friends!

At winter ball :o)

In a quinceanera :o)

3. Tell us about your school. Private? Public? How many in graduating class? Mascots? School colors?
Public school, baby! We were the "newer" school at that time, and our school was the nicest in town. We had carpet, great technology, new equipment, etc. It had a weird mix of gangsters and rich kids and normal kids, but there were no real "cliques". Everyone just did their own thing and had a great time. I was in the band and senior year, one of my closest friends was the quarterback of the football team. I guess he was "popular", but he wasn't snooty or anything (his cousin was dating my sister, so we all hung out all.the.time). We all just did our own thing.

My graduating class was around 220. The sad thing is... we started with like, 600. So in four years, almost 400 of my peers transferred, moved, or dropped out. Yikes. Our mascot was the Knight and our colors were teal, black and silver!

4. Tell us about some of your favorite memories of high school. Or what stands out the most? Any teachers? Specific classes?
Oh gosh. High school memories. So so so so so many.

Definitely football games. Like I mentioned, I was in the band and a pom girl. So every Friday, I would back a huuuge bag with all of my equipment. I would start off in my pom uniform (the leo, the dance pants, the poms, the hair ribbon, the socks, the dance shoes, the silver eyeshadow, etc.). About five minutes before halftime, I would run into the bathroom and change out of my silverette uniform into my band halftime show outfit (for our Scheherazade show, I had different dance shoes, different socks, purple palazzo pants, a different top, my guard gloves, FAKE JEWELS to glue on my face, and a sequin crown thing for my hair). Then I would run run run out to do the halftime show, then I would run back and change, and then finish the game. I was always exhausted on Friday nights! :o)

Other great memories... bonfires at the Pit with Nick, English Expo with the Knightwriters (winning two medals every year!), being the commencement speaker at my graduation, having one of my columns on the front page of the newspaper, winning Winter Ball Queen my senior year, winning first place at the Regional Chemistry Competition, finally nailing my sabre solo for our senior band show, Olajuwon and Josh yelling my name over and over when I won awards on Senior Awards Night...

A lot of great ones. :o)

And my favorite class/teacher of all time? AP Chemistry with Mr. Ewing. He was amazing. He made chemistry so fun for me.
5. Tell us a piece of advice you would pass on to your children or any child entering high school.
The important thing to remember is that if YOU are doing what you love, high school is a success. Being Homecoming Queen doesn't matter. Dating a football player doesn't matter. What really matters is being with your best friends and loving what you do, whether it is band, choir, football, whatever.

High school was AMAZING and I LOVED IT. But... I also REALLY LOVED college, too! I can't say I've ever disliked any big experience I've had... they've all been learning experiences. But amazing memories. :o)

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