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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ready for the Weekend!

Yay, my weekend starts TONIGHT and I have tons of exciting things planned this weekend. Bullet list? Bullet list.

  • My sister is coming into town tomorrow! YAY!
  • My boss's birthday party is Saturday. It will be fun to see my engineering coworkers outside of the office... I always wonder if they will still try to talk about technical writing with me...
  • I'm down another three pounds... woo! Just 20 lbs until I'm at my goal weight! :o)
  • The new Glamour came in my mailbox! I love magazines.
  • Fiance has been working some overtime with his new position but he's done after tomorrow... which means that we have the whole weekend ahead of us to enjoy together.
Ready for the weekend... right after this workout. Blah.

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