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Friday, October 19, 2012


Dark Clouds:

  • My house is dirty. I need to clean clean clean... later. Lol!
  • Fiance and I have both been soooo sleeeeeepy. I think a nice, long, late morning tomorrow is in order.
  • The dogs (or one dog...) keeps LICKING the couch until there is a big wet spot. Only when we're gone. Maybe it's a nervous thing? I hope it stops soon, i HATE it. 

  • My sister comes into town tonight. YAY!
  • My boss's b-day party is tomorrow! Fun fun fun.
  • I finished my side freelance project for Amazon. I really liked the way it came out!
  • We're ALMOST DONE getting addresses for our Save the Dates. So ready to send these bad boys out.
  • I'm down 5 sizes now... at this rate, I'll hit my goal weight before the end of the year. Wha? So exciting.

Enjoy your weekend!

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