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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Back to Reality

It's Tuesday after a wonderful, nice, long four day weekend for me and getting back in the swing of things has been a little harder than I thought it would be. But to ease in, I'll do a recap of my weekend.


Slept twelve hours. Wake up feeling AWESOME. Fiance and I eat a delicious lunch at Boba Cafe. I have a turkey wrap and a cup of green chile wonton soup. DELICIOUS.

Then we head to the gym so Fiance could teach me interval running. Basically, you spring fifteen seconds and then rest fifteen seconds on the rails on the side of the treadmill. It sounds easy, but it is so hard. I was pouring sweat after ten minutes, when normally on my normal mile runs (which take about ten minutes), I'm only a little sweaty after one mile. Whew.


Slept ten hours. Wake up feeling awesome. We head to the gym so I can take a Zumba class and Fiance does weights. Then we head to the grocery store, to the dog food store, and then to Target to register for our wedding!

Here's the thing. All wedding websites say you should register for three times the number of people invited, so that people have an option. Sure, okay, that works. But then... THEN we went to Target. And we walked around for an hour picking out plates and bathroom stuff and cool kitchen digital scales and stuff. Then we looked at our number of registry items. 46.

We walk around another two hours. We find some sheets and a comforter set we like. We pick out AWESOME suitcases I hope someone gets for us. We look again. 59.

But overall, we have most of the stuff we want and we're really hoping people just give us money, if anything. It would be SO hard to transport lots of big stuff back home after our destination wedding.

Saturday night:

We go to the Southern New Mexico State Fair! YAAAAY! Fiance buys us a turkey leg, fresh lemonade, a funnel cake, and curly fries, all to share. I immediately go, "oh, we'll never finish all this!"

Cut to twenty minutes later and I'm polishing off the fries and Fiance is practically licking the empty funnel cake plate. Um... never mind.

But it was so delicious and so amazing.


FOOTBALL! Roommate orders us pizza and we basically sit on our couch watching football from 11 am to 5 pm. Then we get ready to go have dinner with my good friend Blairre and her husband and two kids (Carson and Kennedy, who are 14 months and 1 month respectively!). It was SO MUCH FUN. They are the cutest kids ever and Carson is getting to be so sassy. I love love love getting to see them.

Then we decided to go see Looper again. Even better the second time!


Slept 10 hours. Feeling amazing again. We ate lunch, went to the gym for more interval training, tried to get stamps for our save the dates (remembered it is a holiday... which is why I'm off work... duh... lol). Then we came home and read (me) and played video games (Fiance). Now we're watching Monday night football.

Such a great weekend! October kicks off the holiday season, so a lot of our paid days off are during this season... fine by me!

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