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Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Sunshines/Dark Clouds!

Let's get straight into it!


  • My grandfather has been in and out of the hospital lately. He's 91 and was a WWII vet and is a hilarious, sassy old man and if anyone's a fighter, he is. But please keep him in your thoughts or prayers if you think about it.
  • The other day, I decided to make a big tuna salad (to be used for salads/sandwiches, etc.). I used two big cans of tuna. I boiled eggs, chopped a couple of pickles, and scooped the perfect amount of mustard and mayo into the bowl. I mixed and tasted and salted. Then... I left for FIVE MINUTES to go somewhere with Fiance. By the time I got home, the bowl was empty on the floor and my dogs were GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY. They ate 20 oz of tuna in five minutes. The bowl was literally licked clean. I was SO MAD at them. Blah. Not only that, I didn't have any more tuna so I was SOL for lunch the next day :o(
  • Our AC is broken. This is a MAJOR DARK CLOUD. Even though it's already September, the temperatures still get into the 90s during the day and our house, which is adobe and holds onto heat like WHOA (which is awesome during the winter!). And then we all sweat. Like, I wake up very morning with sweat on my forehead/neck. GROSS. Two showers a day it is, then. :o(
  • We spent WAY too much money last weekend. Need to reel that back in!
Wow, those were serious dark clouds this week. Normally they're pretty trivial.

  • We printed out our parents' favorite photos of us from our engagement photos, framed them, and then presented them to our mamas! They were SO HAPPY (and the also liked the same photo!).
  • Fiance's mom (my future MIL) did some recon for us in Phoenix for our rehearsal dinner and we think we found the perfect place! Great Italian food, relaxed atmosphere, the PERFECT PLACE. Pray that  it isn't too expensive!!!
  • I busted out my new Scentsy scents this week... peach for the bathroom and a nice autumn spice for the living room. They make the whole house smell delicious!
  • We found Shadow's duck! He has had this stuffed duck since he was a puppy and he LOVES it and we couldn't find it... until today! This is definitely a sunshine for Shadow. He keeps carrying it around and wagging his tail. :o)
  • I ROCKED a big project at work and my boss is happy with me... which is great because performance reviews are coming up! WOO!
  • Fiance bought me some beautiful orange lilies... so pretty. And what sweetheart! 
  • This weekend, I'm looking forward to relaxing, watching football, and going to Fiance's cousin's birthday party. Ahhhh. I love weekends.
  • Next weekend is a four day weekend for me. WOO!
  • Dani, one of my bridesmaids, found her bridesmaid dress! It's SO PRETTY. (To recap, I let my bridesmaids pick out their own dress, as long as it was black and chiffon and knee-length-ish. My bridesmaids are all spread out [Albuquerque, Chicago, Ft. Worth, Las Cruces], so getting all together to pick out the same dress was not so much an option. Plus, I trust them and don't really care if they match. So there we go!).
What fun sunshines! I guess it has been a pretty volatile week lol. Hope your day is great!

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