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Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Favorites

Hooray! It's time for a new Friday Favorites! It's a little late in the day, I know, but it's still Friday so it counts. I have good excuses though. My sister is in town from Albuquerque where she goes to Law School (it deserves to be capitalized! That is an intense program!), taking a rare break from studying and writing papers. Also, I worked late today and then had dinner with my family. It's been a long week.

Either way, here we go with a new Friday Favorites on the topic of...

Makeup! Yay!

Since we discussed skin care in the last segment, I thought this week I would talk about my favorite makeup. I'm not that much of a makeup girl during the week (I'm talking some Lacome eyeliner and some face lotion. Seriously) because of my workplace dress code (the fanciest my coworkers get is when someone wears a blazer over their jeans and button down), so I thought I would talk about my makeup routine on the weekends.

I like to start out with a tinted moisturizer like this one from Laura Mercier:

It's a little too... tinted for me, so I mix it with my normal Clean and Clear face lotion to cut down on the shimmer! But it really has a beautiful tint and it makes my skin glow. I love it. Sometimes, even if I don't use it on my entire face, I dab it onto my cheekbones to give me a little glow. I don't use blush because I have a naturally flushed face (which is great for makeup, not so great when I blush bright red at anything kind of embarrassing!).

Then I use Lacome eyeliner. Black. As black as possible.

I love it! It's like halfway between a liquid liner and a pencil, but without that annoying pencil feel.

I spend most of my makeup time on my eyes. I really love eye makeup, so that's what I spend most of my makeup money on! I curl my eyelashes with your average eyelash curler (which I blast with my blowdryer for a few seconds before... have you tried it? Such a great trick). Then I get to work on making my eyelashes look as close to this as possible!

This photo is from It has some great tips on makeup!

I usually use two or three different types of mascara if I'm really trying to go out and have a good time. My absolute favorite is the Diorshow mascara (this photo is from It's AMAZING! So great! I also like Lacome mascaras (can you tell I'm a Lancome girl? Lol!) because they make me feel like I have butterfly eyes. You know that fluttery feeling? I love it.
DiorShow Mascara

I also really, really love Urban Decay. I know some of the brighter colors look a little young, but I ADORE the bright pinks, the dark purple, and the Smog bronze. I wear a lot of neutral colored clothes (blacks, dark blues, whites, and pinks) with little to no markings, so sometimes I like my makeup to be the expression!

Also, I've tried other primers, but I've never had one as great as this one! The Urban Decay potion is amazing. It works well if you're going out to dinner with your honey or if you're going out dancing with your friends all night. And when your colors are so bright, you definitely need something that will give you a little bit of help!

Then I finish with a little bit of

All night makeup setting spray from Urban Decay! It not only sets your makeup, it gives you a nice refreshing cooling burst. It's great, especially when you are planning on going out out!

Add that all together and you get looks like this:

(Note: None of these products endorsed me for this review. I'm just stating which products I personally use and love!)

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