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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Movies I Have Watched This Weekend

With the four free days I have had off this weekend, I have watched the following movies:


127 Hours

127 Hours Poster

New Moon (Yes. Twilight.)

New Moon Poster

Juno Poster

I Am Number Four

I Am Number Four Poster


Oceans Poster


Drive Poster

Center Stage

Center Stage Poster

Fever Pitch

Fever Pitch Poster

When Harry Met Sally

When Harry Met Sally... Poster


Moneyball Poster

50/50 Poster
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   One of my favorite things about Boyfriend is how passionate he is about film. He has introduced me to great movies... like Schindler's List and all Martin Scorsese he can shove at me, and more than that, he taught me to appreciate GOOD films. I have always loved movies: I grew up going with my dad to movies, then with little to do in this town, I saw a lot of movies with my friends. But with Boyfriend, movies aren't just a few actors or actresses on the screen with some music. It's an artform. He points out great camera angles, successful direction, great actors (how can you compare Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver to... anyone else? Does Leonardo DiCaprio fail to convince anyone in Revolutionary Road or Inception?), and great music placement. He has taught me to really appreciate successful movies and to criticize movies that are designed just for money.

In short, he has turned me into a movie snob. Well, maybe a partial movie snob. I still appreciate movies like Fever Pitch (oh, Boyfriend likes it too, but couldn't resist pointing out how nobody in the movie has a Boston accent... and now, when I watch it, I can't help but notice).

But I'm so happy that Boyfriend and I can share this together. We have both adapted in other ways (he reads a lot more, I watch more boxing/ufc), but in movies, we are happy to embrace each other's ways (I watch more Scorsese, he watches more Miracle/inspirational sports movies).

What about you guys? Do you find yourselves adapting into your partner's passions?


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