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Monday, October 17, 2011


Today, I sat down to fill out a form. Everything was going very smoothly. Name, date, parents' names, address, piece of cake!

Then I saw age.

And I blanked.

It was the weirdest feeling! I completely forgot how old I am! I mean, I knew I was between 22 and 24. I had to do the finger-counting thing to 1987 and then figured out that (duh) I'm 23... for another month or so! But then I felt like the biggest moron ever. Who forgets how old they are?

This girl!


I think this is a phenomenon that happens after you hit 21 or 22. Think about it. Growing up, every birthday means something new. 13 is your first year in the teens, then you count up to your Sweet 16 (and your first car!), then it's voting/cigarettes at 18, then you're basically just waiting for your 21st. Then... you're 21. You're done, right?

Okay, maybe 22 is still a big deal. 23 is cool, I guess. But after your 21st, you're basically just waiting for 25 so you can rent a car cheap and get a discount on your insurance (what grown-up things to look forward to!).

Still, even with all of these reasonings, I can't believe I forgot my age. 23, 23, 23, 23, 23, 23... Someone remind me on November 8 that I'm going to be 24!

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