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Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Favorites!

It's almost the end of another week, which means of course...


To celebrate the start of a weekend, this Friday Favorites is about my favorite TV shows... ever. I'm kind of a TV connoisseur (clearly), so I thought I would go over the television shows that have enthralled me over the course of my young life.

Saved by the Bell Poster
Ahh... Saved by the Bell. Who didn't love them? I was young for this, but I had the BIGGEST crush on Zack Morris (Who is Mark-Paul Gosselaar? We all know his name is Zack!) with his huge ol' cell phone and his adorable smile. And I aspired to be as happy and sweet as Kelly Kapowski. True story: I felt a little betrayed when I found out that Mark-Paul dated the girl who played Lisa Turtle instead of dating the actress who played Kelly! How could he do that to the beautiful, beautiful trust we had in him to be Zack in both his real life and his fake life? :o)

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Poster

I loved all things Power Rangers, both the TV show and the movies. My good friend Danielle (visit her here!) and I grew up together, playing at a babysitter's house after school, and we did this thing where we licked our thumbs and stuck them to our foreheads and shouted "Pink Ranger!"... the first girl to do this got to be the awesome Pink Ranger, dating the hot Red Ranger.

Then I started growing up and I fell in love with all things Disney/ABC Family.

Step by Step Poster

As Told by Ginger Poster

Lizzie McGuire Poster

Boy Meets World Poster

Growing Pains Poster
Growing Pains!

And then I started growing up and watching... more ABC family.

Gilmore Girls Poster

And now, my favorite TV shows alternate between hopeful...

To dark...
True Blood Poster

Dexter Poster


The Office Poster

30 Rock Poster

To guilty pleasures...

Teen Mom Poster

I feel like I went on a little long... but you know how I love my TV. What are your favorite TV shows? Tune in next week for another (hopefully shorter) Friday Favorites!

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