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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bless You, Government

I've mentioned before that I prefer not to get too political on my blog, but I do have to say this. Bless you, United States Government for...

A holiday on October 10, which gives me a four day weekend! Hooray!

Since I keep really, really busy during the week blogging and watching Teen Mom (I know, I'm so busy), four day weekends are an awesome time to relax...and watch some more Teen Mom. :o)

Just kidding! I do keep busy during the week with my job and my column and my two puppies and cooking and cleaning, so four day weekends (especially ones with Boyfriend) are even better. We've been busy the  last few weeks with family/friends stuff (Scentsy parties, bachelorette parties, weddings, UFC fights, etc), so this weekend we are taking some time to meet  my coworker/friend (cofriend?)'s new girl and then just enjoying time with each other.

My hometown is also home to the best farmer's market in the nation (no, really! According to a recent poll in a bunch of cities, Las Cruces has the best one!) so we might check that out this weekend to see if there is any last minute summer produce we can scrape up. Plus, we can bring Shadow there for a little field trip and you all know I love going anywhere that my precious baby is allowed! :o)

Check it out here if you're interested!

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