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Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Favorites!

It's FRIDAY! Which means it's time for another...


Today, I'm going to do a Friday Favorites post on my favorite cities in the world. I'm pretty well traveled within the United States, but I've never been out of the country (except Mexico, which doesn't count because it was Ciudad Juarez, which is like a dirtier El Paso), so all of my favorite cities are United States destinations.


First up, New York City. I LOVE New York City and I firmly believe that anyone that hates it has probably never been around the good parts of New York. A friend of mine ( went there and stayed near Times Square and hated it... to which I told her, "Duh, Times Square is the worst! Stay anywhere else and you'll like it." Times Square is something that everyone should see... once or twice in their life. It's exciting, but it's also Tourist Central, so it's full of chain restaurants and trash from the tourists. But other than that, New York has so much more to offer. What I love most is that every section is like a new city... every neighborhood has its own restaurants, bakeries, corner stores, etc. I've gone there a few times because I have family there (allllll of my mom's aunts/uncles on my grandma's side. She's 100% Italian and super proud of it), on Staten Island.

***Fun Note: my cousin Pauly owns an incredible restaurant on Staten Island and has employed both Vinny and the Situation from Jersey Shore before! He still knows both families really well and said that Vinny is a "good kid" but that Mike is a "punk, but has a good heart".***


South Bend, Indiana.

In high school, I went to a women's peace conference at Saint Mary's (right by Notre Dame) and I fell in love with the architecture, the beautiful summer weather, the lush green fields, the fiesty nuns that work there, the summer rain mist, the sweet fresh air... it was incredible and beautiful.

Boston! I've only been there once but I LOOOOOVED it. The people were so friendly there, and the history was rich and incredible. I love how they paint that red line down the street and sidewalks to lead you on the historic trail. I love love love the food... well, at least the food in the North End, which is where we ate every single meal!

(these photos are all mine from our trip last November!)


Branson, MO! My grandpa always hosted a family reunion and when my great-grandma Effie was still alive, we stuck close to her home state of Arkansas, which led us to both Little Rock and Branson. My memories of Branson are filled with rock shops, intertubing on the lake, time with my wonderful cousins and sporadic summer rains. I have a special place in my heart for Branson.

And finally...



It's impossible for me to talk about my favorite cities without mentioning Phoenix, the place where we traveled three times this year (so far...) for vacations. I love the sprawling city and the searing heat (I'm from New Mexico, so we're used to it). I love the restaurants and how much sky you can see wherever you are. I love the bands and the youth scene and the architecture. I love how you can travel ten minutes and be in a whole new city. I love, love, LOVE Phoenix.

There you have it! My favorite cities: New York, Boston, South Bend, Branson, and Phoenix. Where are your favorite places to visit?

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