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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Best of Nights

Scene: a small living room, with an old TV lit up with a fighting game, linked to the PS3 resting above it. Dark brown, squashy sofas, a green floral rug on the floor, a peace lily balancing on the bookshelf in the corner.

On the large sofa, two (handsome) men, drinking Dos Equis and controlling the video game, clicking buttons, the light reflecting off their faces and eyes. One guy in a Witten jersey, another crouching on the floor, leaning against the sofa, in jeans. Smiles, often, laughter, often, small comments, not as often, but there, about the Ravens-Jets game and successful defensive strategy.

In the other corner, two dogs (a large german shepherd mix and a small, round black lab puppy) alternating pawing at each other and gnawing on opposite ends of a chew bone that came from the shepherd's puppyhood. After a spell, they relax and take little puppy snoozes next to each other, comfortable.

On the smaller sofa, one girl, wearing a pore cleansing strip on her nose and a large led zeppelin tshirt (commandeered from her Boyfriend), fresh from a shower, typing away on her computer steadily, like rain on concrete, writing a blog.

These are my favorite nights. Relaxed, spending time together, drinking, the puppies in the corner, together. It's hard to beat true friendship and knowing that, really, your home is the people (and dogs!) you surround yourself with.

Happy Sunday night!

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