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Monday, January 31, 2011

It's About To Go Down

The temperature, that is. We in southern New Mexico are about to get hit with what seems to be a massive storm with maybe even (dun dun duuun) snow. Apocolypse, you may ask? Possible. I'm looking for the rest of the signs.

Boyfriend and I hada fantastic weekend. On Friday, we took Shadow to the local dog park, where he proceeded to roll around in a puddle (awesome), which led to a bath, which led to a very unhappy Shadow. To fix it, we took him to get a poochie cone at Caliches!

Caliches serves frozen custard and is a standard place in my hometown. Most of my friends have worked here at one time or another. And Shadow LOVES it. We figured it would be a good treat after a horrible bath!

There he is, trying to fit into his old bed and then trying to get all the peanut butter out of an old jar of skippy. I love him.

Saturday, Boyfriend and I relaxed most of the day. We had brunch with one of my good friends Blairre and her husband John at Break an Egg... so yummy! Blairre and I go way back to high school, and I was in her wedding in 2009, just a few days before Boyfriend and I got together. Blairre is one of my favorite people in the whole world! Here we are, Blairre in the white and me on the far right!

Then Boyfriend and I took a four hour nap. Yeah. Four hours. That's practically not even a nap anymore. That's a coma. We took a coma for four hours. But it was amaaaaaazing. Then we got up and went to Peter Piper Pizza, which is kind of like Chucky Cheese for a little older crowd, but a little younger than Dave and Busters. I know that sounds super lame, but it was so much fun to just relax, eat pizza, and kick my boyfriend's butt at air hockey and basketball :o) (just kidding, he beat me down in the basketball shooting game).

Sunday was fun, too- we took my italian grandma to an italian restaurant. In New Mexico. As you can imagine, it's hard to impress her when she's had real Italian food from Italy... also spent a majority of her life in New York City (Staten Island), where all food is fresh and authentic. But she liked it! We'll keep that restaurant for sure.

Now, just four days until Boyfriend and I head up to Albuquerque to see Wicked, the traveling Broadway show! Hooray! I've always wanted to see it. So excited.

Time to take Shadow for a walk!

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