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Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday, Finally

Ahhh. Is there anything better, really, than a Friday night? You're done with work, you have two whole days ahead of you... and nobody can even blame you if you decide that, instead of doing laundry and working with Puppy on the newest attempted trick (rolling over), you pour yourself a Diet Coke and watch Sex and the City for the billionth time.

This weekend will hopefully be calm for Boyfriend, Puppy and me. I have big plans to see the NMSU Aggies play tomorrow night but other than that, nada, except maybe some playoff time watching my Ravens play the KC Chiefs, even though i'm probably the only Ravens fan in New Mexico. I can't help it. They're my team. Boyfriend's team is the Raiders... I guess you can say that we like rough teams!

I had dinner tonight with my family... and when I say my family, I mean my extended family. Growing up in Las Cruces, I had no aunts or uncles or cousins within 50 miles of me. Luckily, before I was born, my mom and dad found their own little family group... namely, my mom's two best friends Leigh and Arlene and their husbands, Don and Bill respectively. Not to mention their kids, Christina (for Leigh and Don, only a month younger than I am) and Shane, a year older and Bill and Arlene's son. These people have become my extended family. We eat together every Friday night. We have holiday parties. They buy me birthday presents. Bill and Arlene watched my sister when my mom and dad went to the hospital to have me. We go way back.

At this dinner, I got trapped in another conversation about love and about marriage potential (as everyone seems to be itching for both a wedding and, hopefully soon, babies). Boyfriend and I have been dating for about a year and a half but for us, it's not just a year and a half. What Don always told my dad, while watching as Christina and my sister Jessica dated guy after guy and I, who did date sometimes, never brought anyone home, was this: "you wait. One day, Jenna will find a guy and that's it. He'll be the one." And that's exactly what happens. Boyfriend is the perfect person for me. I get butterflies thinking of him. I can see him every day and not get tired of him (which has never happened to me before!). I always knew that I'd rather be alone than with a guy I didn't really like and that's exactly what happens here. If I wasn't with Josh, I wouldn't be with anyone. There's nobody else I want, nothing I want that he doesn't give me.

In short, I love him. Sorry to get so mushy! It's hard to explain to people when we talk about marriage so casually. The truth is, Boyfriend and I talk only about when to get married, never if. We know we belong together. So while I would love a pretty ring and a big party where I get to wear an awesome dress, I know that married or not, I'll be with him. That's good enough for me.

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